What’s Been Happening Recently

It’s been a while and lots of new iTunes and iDevices news has come and gone. I’m still working away diligently, building my collection and rocking the new HandBrake 0.9.5. This version produces such good results that for DVD, I’ve decided I’m not going to rerip any 0.9.5 video with future versions.

I’ve abandoned all other metadata taggers and am exclusively using Subler. This is the supreme application for this task.

I’ve started to rip Blu-ray and the results are pretty good, but I’m getting some blockies in dark regions of the image. When, as I predict, the Apple TV will support 1080, I will rerip them for 1080 and hopefully be able to increase the bitrate.


2 Responses to What’s Been Happening Recently

  1. Christopher (Chris) Loy says:

    Also re ripping my collection to applelossless, biggest problem is the tedium of copying file info year composer etc. While I have tuneup it relies on Gracenote whereas I have extensive indiviual info and images on each file. Is there a batch conversion tool that will copy the info accross file to file.

    • tunegardener says:

      No, I don’t have a solution other than manual modification of CD tags prior to import. It’s annoying but I don’t do them often, so I put up with it. I’ve also done a third of the job so far.

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