Hidden Bonuses for iTunes Plus Upgraders

I’ve been upgrading my iTunes library to Plus. Luckily, I haven’t bought much, being very much a CD preferer, so it’s not costing me much.

"Only Time" EP

Enya: "Only Time" EP

I’ve noticed a bonus from the upgrade process. This is Enya’s Only Time EP, one song of which I bought way back when the iTunes Store went live here in Australia.

The thing is, time has passed and the original EP is no longer available on the store. This is what I bought:

"Only Time" EP (Original)

Enya: "Only Time" EP (Original)

iTunes matched this release with whatever it had to hand (which is a remixed and updated version, released in 2001, a year later than the original). I paid $1.50AUS to upgrade ($0.50AUS each song). Presumably there had been three songs on the original (I don’t remember three–I’m sure that there were two songs on it and I didn’t buy one because I had that on CD). Anyway, the song I bought is not even on this new version, so effectively I paid less than the price of a single song ($1.69AUS) for a whole 4-track EP! I’m happy with that.

I suppose if there is no possible match, they won’t include it in the upgrade program. Also, I notice that the free songs I’ve been getting every week have not been included in the update, which I’m happy with, because I get them reflexively, not because I know and want the music. Consequently, a lot of them are misses, so I wouldn’t want to upgrade them. Still, it’s early days, so they may pop up in the future.


3 Responses to Hidden Bonuses for iTunes Plus Upgraders

  1. […] This is the main procedure. You may find that the original tracks are no longer available and you may be offered an alternative, or (theoretically) they will be ignored in the upgrade process. For more on this, refer to my earlier post. […]

  2. tunegardener says:

    I noticed that it does indeed refer to the iTunes account, not the local library. I downloaded all my updates on my laptop, which does not contain the library–that’s on a different machine.

    You certainly had a success in the pleasant side effect of recovering lost files. I hadn’t thought of that. I hope you back up the new files now!

  3. Yashin says:

    I noticed that during the upgrade to Plus, iTunes will also replace songs that are in your account history, but not neccessarrily in your library. I bought a handful of DRM-infected songs a few years ago and after losing them when my old Windoze HDD packed in, I swore off buying any DRM-ed stuff at all. But I noticed that the iTunes Store was promting me to upgrade some of my tracks, and lo and behold, it offered me DRM-free 256 kbps versions of the songs I’d lost. So for GBP£0.20 each, I not only got to recover the tracks I’d lost, but also upgrade them to Plus and back them up wherever I like.

    It’s kind of ironic – FairPlay should have allowed you to download the same song as many times as you like, any time you like – afterall, you can only play it on your authorised machines, no matter how many copies you download.

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