4th-Generation Lanyard Solved

My lanyard woes are over. My good friend wielded his mad skillz and modified a 1st-Gen lanyard. It was pretty simple in the end, but care was needed. A Dremel drill was used.

The Nano is held on principally by the headphone plug. The dock connector, which is purely plastic and contains no metal, has been cut down to provide an additional physical connection, but primarily prevents the Nano from turning on the headphone plug.

4th-Gen Nano with Modified Lanyard (Click to enlarge)

4th-Gen Nano with Modified Lanyard (Click to enlarge)

It’s not as secure as a plug plus dock connector, but tests indicate that the connection is secure as the headphone plug snaps into the jack.

The body of the plug just meets the lefthand edge of the Nano, with no unsightly hangover, although the curved body means that the corners of the metal are slightly raised. The 2nd-Gen lanyard would not be suitable as it is much wider.

Metal Corners (Click to enlarge)

Metal Corners (Click to enlarge)

This is a pretty obvious mod, but I wanted to document it as a satisfactory conclusion to this matter.


6 Responses to 4th-Generation Lanyard Solved

  1. Rebecca says:

    it is crazy but I finally found lanyards for sale for the nano 4th generation – – out of china, sold one at a time on ebay – –

    I just got a pair like this from the same seller today – my nano chromatic (4th generation) is green but these dudes only seem to offer it in yellow so far… that is okay, it actually looks cool to mix the colors. I have only had them one day but they seem to work great and actually seem to sound better than the headphones I was using (which were inner-ear kind but not apple – the apple ones that the nano comes with are so damn uncomfortable, I can’t wear them.

    Anyway – – I don’t know WHY apple isn’t selling these lanyards for the 4th generation and I also don’t understand why this company’s version is only for sale on this hard-to-fine ebay page and nowhere else on the web or in NYC, not even on canal street. It is weird… it is such a no-brainer for this light MP3 player to have integrated lanyard/headphones and would cost a manufacturer that makes headphones nothing to put out. You did a great job with your homemade version – – it is so cool! For those less technically inclined, maybe they can snag a pair of these.

  2. car jacks says:

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    p.s. You have a very good template . Where have you got it from?

  3. Joe F says:

    This is great. I’m glad you posted this.

  4. Ellen says:

    Wow, Thank you! I bet my boyfriend can help me with this one. Such a drag Apple isn’t making these for the 4th gen. Thanks for sharing this.

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