I Got the Touch! I Got the Powerrr!

iPod Touch/Stan Bush

iPod Season ends for me with the arrival of the Touch. Power ballads are hastily installed in keeping with this cheesy theme. Rocking commences. Impressions later. I’m touching now.


2 Responses to I Got the Touch! I Got the Powerrr!

  1. tunegardener says:

    I’m writing this on the Touch. I realized that a lot of people passed judgement on it without trying it for themselves. Given the choice of Touch or iPhone, I would recommend iPhone for the extra functionality but this really is good despite its limitations. Don’t worry about storage. This experience is unique. It’s worth doing a bit of shuffling.

  2. yashin says:

    Nice. Get some John Farnham on there – the bagpipe solo in ‘You’re the Voice’ does it for me every time.

    I’m kean to hear about waht the touch is like as an everyday iPod. The reviews I’ve seen have all come from the angle of poor-man’s-iPhone. I can accept that this isn’t a communications device, but I’m want to know how much value it offers as an iPod, especially one with limited storage capacity.

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