Lack of 3rd-Gen Nano Lanyard a Pain in the Neck

The new 3rd-Gen Nano has brought to light a disturbing trend. I live by the lanyard. There is no better way to interact with this type of iPod. It was originally designed to be worn. When I bought this year’s Nano I started looking for the accompanying lanyard headphones, standard since its debut two years ago. Apple didn’t list any. I rang Apple and they said that they didn’t have any but that third-party manufacturers would undoubtedly fill the gap. This is what I was afraid of. No lanyard headphones at launch and the hold switch at the bottom told me that Apple didn’t plan on lanyarding this one.

The Apple rep I spoke to said that lanyards were very popular in the first year but have waned since. It’s all your fault, Nano owners. You’ve been carrying the things and putting them in your pocket instead of wearing them as the glorious pieces of jewelery that they are.

1st-Gen Lanyard on 3rd-Gen Nano

Luckily, there is an Apple solution: the 1st-Gen Nano lanyard headphones. Last year, they moved the dock connector and headphone port further apart, rendering the 1st-Gen lanyard useless. Surprisingly, this year the original arrangement is back. The Nano grips the plug like grim death, so you can be assured that it’s safe. This was my major concern. One test with a friend’s convinced me that it was the way to go. It was good to see that the 1st-Gen lanyard, in both standard and in-ear versions, was still available from the Apple Store.

So that’s a solution for proper Nano owners. It’s a good set of headphones in a streamlined package, with attractive silver plug that grips well. Wear it a little low so you can hold it far enough away to watch video. It does work. Get blinged up with a classic!


12 Responses to Lack of 3rd-Gen Nano Lanyard a Pain in the Neck

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  2. […] is whether I will be able to use a lanyard with it, because there is only one way to carry a Nano, and that is around your neck. The third-gen from last year worryingly was not accompanied by a specific lanyard, but luckily the […]

  3. Steel says:


    You have to clean them often. I usually will wipe the cords, ear piece and ipod down with the damp part of the towel after I get out of the shower. Prior to this habbit I would get some acne on my neck and chest. By the way, they discontinued the Griffin Technology tunebud lanyard. So the only ones left are the Apple and the D-link. If anyone else knows of another brand let me know.

  4. Mauphhy says:

    Lanyards are the way to go but there’s a price to be paid… for me at least, the bloody thing keeps giving me pimples on the back of my neck, and still I won’t even entertain the thought of “just putting my nano in my pocket”. The nano is technologically and aesthetically marvellous. Anyone who’s ever held one knows it deserves better than to be chucked blindly into a dark pocket just to fight for space with your car keys.

    I’m using a lanyard from Panasonic they’re in-ear as well but they don’t connect via the ipod plug (i imagine there would have been some kind of royalty involved) so I had to get a clear plastic case and hook it to that.

    On the plus side though, they come in all the ipod colours, and with a set of different sized ear plugs. I got a blue pair to match my new nano, but I’ve been using a black pair with my black 2nd gen for over a year and besides having to clean the ear plugs a few times (ear wax really shows on black lol) I haven’t managed to break them.

  5. tunegardener says:

    Funny looks? Half of the reason I wear mine is to show off! It’s taken a couple of months but now the presence of the new models has sunk in generally enough that people recognise what it is. For the first 2 months I was starved of attention. Now if I could only get people to recognise my Touch! ;-P

    I’m surprised that you’re wearing out lanyard headphones! I don’t catch mine on anything and always hang them up when not in use.

    As far as I know, only Apple and Griffin made lanyard headphones. You could do what my friend did and chop the headphones off, turn the end into a headphone jack and plug in whatever you want around the back of your neck.

  6. Steel says:

    I bought this the day it came out. You are right, it’s the only way to go. i do get funny looks but who cares the convenience is amazing. Like you said any free moment you can listen to it easily. It’s perfect for audiobooks. The lanyard allows me to listen to 150 books a year. I couldn’t do it otherwise. When the Nano Clasic came out I was at the store immediately. I looked at the port and thought holly crap this might fit. I uplugged my gen1 Ipod from my lanyard and whala. I am so happy. This is a great blog. I thought I was the only person on the planet using it.

    Unfortunately I go throught 4 to 5 lanyards a year. The Ipod gen 1 sucks. The second Ipod version is in ear and it is better but it doesn’t last. The D-Link has the best sound but didn’t last. The Griffin has lasted the longest but has the worst sound. Does anyone know of another company making these.

  7. tunegardener says:

    Glad to hear it! It’s good to know that I’m helping to make purchasing decisions!

  8. Juice says:

    I am so glad I ran across this post. I have worn my 1st gen 1GB Nano literally every single day since it’s release. I saw the light and upgraded from the standard lanyard to the in-ear lanyard, and have already gone through two pair. When I got the 2nd gen Nano from Amazon I was so disappointed that the in-ear lanyard wouldn’t fit and that apple decided not to make the in-ear for this model. I will be buying a new 3Rd gen tonight thanks to this post!


  9. […] storage, a great new interface and entirely watchable video. Dynamite deal. Just make sure that you wear it around your neck like a proper Nano […]

  10. yashin says:

    Supposedly the radio remote appears as ‘this device is not supported by iPod’ when connected to the iPod touch and for this reason, can’t be used at all with the touch. This is a royal pain in the ares, because if any iPod needed a quick set of remote volume/track controls, surely it’s the touch?!? Yet another let-down from the latest round of iPod updates.

  11. tunegardener says:

    Thanks for the post!

    As for the 5th-Gen, use the Apple Radio Remote. It’s the best for listening to audio with the ‘Pod tucked away. Also, I find the big ‘Pod more comfortable to hold with the dock connector and cable at the bottom rather than a headphone cable from the top. Don’t know why. It just feels better. Works with both Classic and 3rd-Gen too. Don’t know about the Touch yet, but I’ll know in two weeks. iLounge reports that the Radio Remote doesn’t work with it, but whether that means the radio, the controls or both, I don’t know.

  12. Timothy Post says:

    You are absolutely correct that the lanyard is the “best” way to “wear” your iPod Nano. Yesterday, while traveling at a couple different airports I had to continually take my 5th Gen iPod out of my pocket slide it from the leather case (which is drop dead beautiful and the other accessory, besides the lanyard, that I absolutely recommend) change the volume up or down.

    Especially if one is doing errands the lanyard is so convenient. You go into a bank, stand in line, and listen to your Nano. When you get to the front of the line simply remove the earpieces. Quick and simple.

    So, I 2nd your motion for Apple to get on the ball and start promoting the lanyard before it’s gone.

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