UK TV on Apple TV

Okay, so you know that the UK got TV shows on iTunes, right? I’m envious. I noticed with interest that they still don’t have movies. This is the same path that video took on the US iTunes. Ah well, at least they have something.

So what can an iTunes enthusiast check out under the hood? Well, the only thing I could think of was TV ratings. I changed my store to United Kingdom in iTunes Store, then switched to my TV Shows library, where I’ve tagged everything with the Australian ratings using Lostify. I clicked a rating symbol and got this rather sparse page:

iTunes UK Movie Ratings

When set to the US store or my Australian store, I get a long page detailing all the US ratings. Of all the countries mentioned in the Parental tab in iTunes, UK doesn’t have TV ratings, so I guess they only need a blank or an Explicit to get by.

Second thing I did was check for an Apple TV update. I thought that with UK video now out, they might update the ratings labels. Currently only the US ratings graphics are installed. This means that when one of my tagged TV shows is a PG, I get the US graphic, and when a match can’t be made, e.g. Australia’s unique M rating, Apple TV writes the value out literally in plain text. I tested using a UK movie rating and it does the same thing: plain text.

I set my Apple TV iTunes Store setting to United Kingdom and jumped back to the TV Shows menu. Sure enough, as you would expect, an iTunes Top TV Episodes menu is now at the top of the list. Here’s what’s on offer:

UK iTunes Top TV Episodes Menu

Not a lot happening yet. I expect this will get very busy.

Enjoy your new TV shows, UK!


2 Responses to UK TV on Apple TV

  1. yashin says:

    It’s a case of too little, too late and way too expensive for me. As great as the AppleTV could be, I can feel its grip on my HDMI port slipping.

    I won’t spend US$3.50 per episode on a limited selection of shows when I can PVR so much more for an extra $20 per month on my cable package. It’s a case of the UK once again getting the shaft on pricing, and I’d guess that the blame lies largely with the content providers.

    The only thing that could conceivably rescue this is if the shows appeared within a week or so of their US air date, which I’m almost certain they won’t.

    I’m starting to realise that my gripes with the AppleTV are probably never going to be rectified. Video content is too expensive or too much hassle to get on there and it can’t compete with the value of cable/satellite or even freeview terrestrial. Plus as a device for viewing photos, which was a big attraction for us, it is far too limited.

    As content providers are starting to fight against iTunes, and video sales continue to stagnate, I worry that Apple will put the AppleTV on ice. Video on demand might be the future, but it looks like it won’t be 2008 for Apple.

  2. […] the US ratings graphics are installed. This means that when one of my tagged TV shows is a … Read More… This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 at 11:00 pm and is filed under […]

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