More on How to Split Your iTunes Library

I realised another aspect to this. My last post on the matter primarily related to adding new content. What if you’ve got content that you want to split? Well, iTunes is very clever at tracking changes in file locations, at least Mac OS X is. I’m not sure if this is as good in Windows.

If you’ve got iTunes open and you go into your music folder in the Finder and move physical files to another location, iTunes notes where you put them. For example, you could move the Movies folder to another drive and iTunes would track the change. Use this technique at your own risk, however, because I’ve seen situations where iTunes didn’t track the change. I was in a hurry so I didn’t debug this at the time. I’ve even seen iTunes find a file’s new location even though it was moved when iTunes was closed, although I haven’t really tested this.

Sorry it’s a bit theoretical but I don’t manage my library this way and I’m unwilling to run tests of this nature on it “to make sure”, because I don’t want to mess it up. These observations, however, could be put to use by users with the need to split their library.

In the long run, my advice is to get bigger drives, either internal or external. Hard drives are astonishingly cheap these days.


One Response to More on How to Split Your iTunes Library

  1. yashin says:

    I’m fast approaching the limit on the 250Gb drive I have reserved for my iTunes library. Right now I have about 60 Gb of music and 150 Gb of video. So I have to decide whether to move some portion of the library onto another drive, archive some of the stuff I don’t use, or buy a 500Gb drive. I reckon I’ll end up archiving some of my TV series.

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