TV Rotation Technique, Update 2

Just a further thought about my TV Rotation Technique. This only applies if you want to use my hiatus feature.

If you’ve got a lot of TV shows, you might take a while to get through a complete series. That means when you hit the end and increase the Play Count value in the smart playlist for a particular show, you will immediately get a batch of episodes from the start of the show. Once I’ve gotten through a complete show, I want to concentrate on other shows and don’t want this. My hiatus feature, while a good idea, only works on the basis of the Last Played Date of the last episode. You really want to base it on the first episode. You need to add the hiatus period (I suggest 2 months) to the amount of time that has elapsed between the Last Played Date of the first and last episodes.

Here’s the logic: I just watched seasons 1-8 of Seinfeld. I want to take a break from Seinfeld for 2 months, then I want to start again from season 1, episode 1. I watched the first episode in August 2006, therefore it took 11 months to watch all of them. Add 11 months to the hiatus period of 2 months and I get 13 months. Put this figure in the field for Last Played Date is not in the last x months, increase the Play Count by 1 and I won’t see Seinfeld for 2 months from now.

This is another factor I can’t see automating, the other being the incrementing of the Play Count. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple added an interface where you could configure each TV show separately and automate all of this technique? I think I’ll suggest it.


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