I Want an iPhone Nano

I know that recent flurry was a hoax, but it doesn’t mean the idea is stupid. I was walking around this weekend, Nano around the neck as per usual, and it struck me that a phone about that size (undoubtedly a bit bigger, but still less than the iPhone) would be no less convenient than the Nano itself. I’ve got one of each class of iPod, and even though I play my 5.5-Gen 80Gb iPod for a full work day, the Nano is the one that I carry the most and use on the move. I’ve always got it at any time while I’m out.

I often say that I’m not “a phone guy”. I don’t blather to a bevy of friends on a regular basis. I rarely carry my phone because its battery isn’t good. I use it so infrequently that it’s not even viable to replace. However, if the phone were incorporated with the iPod, it would definitely be the iPhone for me.

“They did that with the iPhone–that’s what the iPhone is,” I hear you say. Well, that’s true, but as far as video goes, I would much prefer a dedicated widescreen iPod with a large hard drive (hoping for at least 100Gb). I don’t care about wireless nor internet. We can’t get the iPhone in Australia, and a big reason for that is the integration with AT&T. A simpler phone without internet nor Visual Voicemail (merely a phone) could possibly be easier to release internationally, and perhaps even be unlocked.

I’m talking about simplicity of features, probably with a different interface if it’s not powerful enough to run a touchscreen. I don’t really mind if it’s got a scrollwheel and I have to either select a synced number or enter a number manually with a phone dial. I picture it as usable by holding it up to your ear without headphones but also with a modified Nano lanyard with a microphone in one of the leads. A call would come in, the audio would stop, you would lift up the phone to see the caller and answer. Talk through the microphone with both earphones in.

I would be more than happy with the poor man’s iPhone. What do you think?


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