YouTube Arrives, with Some Surprises

Got the Apple TV update tonight. I’ve never had a YouTube account before. Now I’ve got a use for it. I played with it a bit. Good functionality. Not all of the video looks like crap, but you’ve got to expect some poor quality. Some looked quite good.

YouTube isn’t the only new thing. You can now select your country’s iTunes store from a long list. I selected Australia and Top Movies and Top TV Shows disappeared as options in the respective menus. Makes sense. If you’re really keen, you could interpret this as one more step closer to video content on your local iTunes store. You can still view theatrical trailers. It’s also nice to see that iTunes Top Songs and Music Videos are reflecting the Australian store.

There is a new screen saver, which is a simple slideshow of Apple Photos (seems they’ve replaced the flowers) or albums that you’ve synced. Nice update.

Brand new is a parental controls setting, which is a simple four-digit code to control access to YouTube, and possibly future features. There’s enough room in the list for them. If you turn YouTube off, it disappears from the main menu. You can also set it to Ask, in which case clicking YouTube will prompt for the code.

There was a bad cosmetic issue where you would pause on a TV episode, read the description, then play it, after which it would return to the menu and the cursor would still be on that episode. When Apple TV synced, the episode would be removed (set to only new episodes) and the album art and accompanying text would get stuck in the background. If you went up or down the menu, you would always see the old episode behind the other episodes’ details. Moving up out of the menu and back in would clear it. This now seems to have been resolved.

And thankfully that stupid bug where the clock wouldn’t sync and US users would find that anything they played would get time stamped 8 hours in the future (8 hours behind for me) has been fixed.

All in all, a good update. Two annoying bugs stomped, nice YouTube interface and subtle settings adjustments. I’m off to bed now. It’s 2:24 AM. Just had to check it out.


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