Apple TV Subtleties

Just some items that I’ve noticed, both good and bad.

  1. Doesn’t remember playback position in audio podcasts. I’ve got an extremely long podcast episode (1.5 hours). I’ve played it on my computer and my iPod and it’s halfway through but Apple TV insists on playing it from the beginning. I listened to a few minutes on Apple TV, then stopped and synced it and it didn’t sync back. iPod picked it up from where iPod left off, not Apple TV. I fast-forwarded through it again on Apple TV and started playing. Left the podcast menu and it stopped playing. I went back to that podcast. Started from beginning again! Very annoying, but works perfectly with video podcasts.
  2. If you start playing a video and stop it to go back to the menu within a few seconds, when you play it again, it will start from the beginning as if you hadn’t started it before. As a bonus for TV shows and podcasts, it doesn’t mark it as not new (signified by a blue bullet at the beginning of the title). I discovered this because I often skim the description of the TV show or podcast without taking it in, so I go back to the menu to read it again.
  3. If a title of an audio file (podcast, music or audiobook) is too long to display in the Now Playing screen, it scrolls, but unlike the jerky movement of this same feature on the iPod, it’s smooth and as an extreme subtlety, it actually accelerates as it begins and decelerates as it ends. That’s an amazing detail.
  4. If you highlight a video in the menu, you’ll see the artwork and the description, if it’s got one. Play it, then leave the cursor on that track. When Apple TV updates, it will remove the track (if you’ve got your settings to “Unplayed” TV shows, podcasts etc.) and the cursor will jump to another track. Unfortunately, the original video’s artwork is still visible behind the new one. It’s an ugly bug. You can clear it by going up to the main menu and down again.

3 Responses to Apple TV Subtleties

  1. Lembo says:

    Your impressive and unique content amazed me. You have written perfect piece.

  2. […] I’ve just noticed that the 1.1 update for the Apple TV now respects audio bookmarks (this was a problem). With the previous version, if you played some of a bookmarkable file, like a podcast or […]

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