Bonjour, Mes Amis

As much as I adore my new Apple TV, I’ve been on edge for the last few days because my PowerMac G5, which contains my library, suddenly lost its connection to the Apple TV. I’ve had a problem for a long time where I couldn’t talk to my G5 with its network name, although using its IP was fine.

Apple TV relies on Bonjour to be working, or it can’t find anything on the network. Bonjour is Apple’s name for its implementation of zero-configuration networking. From my limited understanding, each computer maintains and advertises its own unique name on the network so that other computers can find it, without the need for a DNS server. With this broken on the G5, Apple TV didn’t know where it was. If I pinged my Bonjour name, I would get no response.

I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with a very helpful Apple tech who confirmed that my problem was indeed Bonjour. After deleting a hosts file and other remedies, we got it to the point where I could get a response on pinging the Bonjour name, although this was instead of the actual IP. Unfortunately, the only solution was to rebuild the computer, which I had done only a few days ago in order to rectify this very problem. The machine had a very clean base 10.4 system with the 10.4.9 combo updater installed.

Instead of immediately doing the reinstall, I thought I would reapply the combo updater. I’ve heard that this can sometimes repair faulty installs. I did this and now when I ping the Bonjour name, I get its IP. Apple TV mounted in iTunes and content is pumping down ethernet.

I submit this for all users who might be in the same situation. Windows users might experience a similar fault if they can’t see their Apple TV, although the technical remedies are beyond me.


4 Responses to Bonjour, Mes Amis

  1. Murphy says:

    In my Windows days I was quick to reapply a service pack. I can honestly say I’ve had very few problems like this since 2004 when I switched – in fact – nothing else comes to mind. I think my troubleshooting skills have been diminished!

  2. tunegardener says:

    Back then, the latest combo was 10.4.9. However, the general principle is always good: use a combo as a first step to combat tricky system ills.

    Glad that this was of help to you.

  3. Murphy says:

    I guess you meant the OS X 10.x.x combo update. I applied the 10.4.11 to my G5 and I’m back in business. You saved me a ton of time, thanks!!!

  4. Murphy says:

    Hey –

    Could you please tell me what combo updater you used here? I think I have the same exact problem. With a G5 as well…


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