Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I’m an Australian who is somewhat overly proud of his just-turned-800 music title collection (music DVDs count). I’m a bit of a collector. Well, a lot of a collector actually. Part of the pride comes from only having started collecting CDs in 1998. That means my rate of accumulation is very high.

Why did I mention that I’m an Australian? Apart from placing me on the map, I’m proud to be Australian, but to get on topic, if you realise that we’re talking iTunes and you remember that I said I had movies, and even more significantly, TV shows, in my library, you may scratch your head. For the Australian iTunes Store, like every country in this world other than the US, does not sell full-length movies and TV shows. How can this be? Am I some sort of magician? Well, the answer is yes, through the copious use of mystical black arts.

Why do I bother? I’m a big iPod fan. I’ve had 9 in total. I’ve still got three, one each representing the major classes: Shuffle, Nano and 5.5th Gen. They’re all current generation, as is my policy. I watch a fair bit of video on my 5.5th Gen. I’m currently watching Family Guy on my way home from work. I am using it as my iTunes-on-TV player while I anxiously await my Apple TV, ordered early on the morning of its release. Apple TV adds a whole new layer of usefulness. If you want to replicate what I did to bring video to iTunes, stick wit’ me, and you’ll go places.

Also, I’ve got a bit of an attitude. I’m a Mac-Mac and I’m too tired to adjust to people who want to do it some other way, who, for example, want to use the ridiculously named Ogg-Vorbis format or an Archos (stupid name–I had to look it up to spell it) video player. If you’re not into iTunes and the iPod, then go away. I don’t care. I consider iTunes and the iPod to be by far the most superior technologies to use. They have flaws, but few.


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