What is a “tune gardener”?

Recently I’ve been telling people that my number one hobby is “tending my iTunes garden”. iTunes is my number one application. It’s open all the time and I add something every day, even if it’s only a podcast. Current stats are as follows:

Songs: 11085
Music Videos: 378
Movies: 123
TV Episodes: 314
Podcasts: 549
Audiobooks: 498
iPod Games: 2

Total: 12949 items.

I’m a bit of a collector. You can see that a library of this size requires some maintenance. I’ve developed a large array of policies that define how items are to be organised. Because it’s not always obvious, I’ve had to think up ways to solve problems, all in the direction of making the library as usable and efficient as possible. It’s this information that I want to pass on to others.

Recently I’ve been making vast inroads into the arcane art of video conversion. All those music videos, movies and TV episodes didn’t come from nowhere–I had to rip almost all of them myself. If you’re interested in doing this for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m an expert, yes, but only an empirical one. Nonetheless, I have a characteristic that has enabled me to achieve results, and that is perfectionism. It’s a curse, but it can get results.

Anything very technical discussed in this blog will most likely be mac-focussed, as that’s what I use. I can’t be bothered trying to figure it out on Windows, so you may be disappointed. Don’t leave, however, as you will find very basic organisational concepts peppered throughout this blog’s history. It’s not all nuts and bolts.

I hope you glean some information useful to you. It’s going to be somewhat dry but I hope you stick with me.


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